Meet The Titans Of The Sun

Titans of the Sun is a Microgaming-enabled video slot, inspired by old Greek mythology and famous legends. There are two versions of the game available for play, each with slightly different play rules and payouts. In the first version, players take on the role of Hyperion, one of the original twelve Titans from ancient mythology, and must do battle with the slots to win the Titan’s treasure. In the other version, players take on the role of Theia, with prize multipliers and added game bonuses for increased payout potential.

Titans of the Sun Online Slot

This 5-reel slot has 15 paylines, with stakes ranging from 15 pence to £15 per spin for the Hyperion version of the game. The game offers plenty of variance in gameplay, allowing for repeat play potential and unpredictable outcomes. There’s no multiplier to speak of with the Hyperion version of the game, but players will find free spins aplenty, cued by the scatter symbol, giving players the chance to seriously enhance their payout potential. Players can earn up to 2000x their initial stake with the original base game, rising to 5000x when utilizing free spins and bonuses. Ideal for low rollers and small stakes, Titans of the Sun offers extended gameplay and fantastic payout potential on very little investment.

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The Theia version plays much the same, but gives players the chance to stake higher bets. Unique to the Theia version, players can enjoy the Mystery Symbol game feature across normal and special game modes, greatly increasing the chance of payouts. Unlike in the Hyperion version of the game, multipliers are available – doubling your winnings for a greater payout, although max winnings here are capped at 4000x your original stake.

Titans of the Sun Online Slot

Titans of the Sun offers a truly engaging gaming experience for players, with a thoughtfully integrated storyline borrowed from the rich mythology of Ancient Greece. Stunning HD graphics make for beautifully realized characters and cut scenes, while the slots themselves are populated with eye-catching iconography to set things off perfectly. A fitting soundtrack completes the atmosphere. Whether playing the Hyperion or Theia versions, players will find Titans of the Sun easy to get to grips with, while the small stakes and appealing jackpots make it a must for low rollers. Play both the Hyperion or Theia and see if the Gods are on your side!